I Believe in the Value of

creating community-driven economic power

Help build a platform to confront capitalist financing mechanisms and operational systems that are driving worker exploitation and planetary destruction and help community-driven, BIPOC-led initiatives to operate with the scale and agility of white-led enterprises, without capitalistic values.

Headshot of Raymond Pettit.

Raymond  Pettit

Director of Partnerships | he/him

Raymond leads Possibility Labs through philanthropic partnership building and fund development, shifting funders to make decisions in relationship with communities and to resource transformative work at scale. He brings 14+ years of experience working in philanthropic innovation, fund development, social justice strategy, grant writing, project development, and research. Previously, Raymond worked as Fund Officer at Movement Strategy Center, Director of Development for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, and as consultant for the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team. Raymond holds a B.A. in Anthropology from CUNY Hunter College and a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the CUNY Graduate Center.

"I'm looking forward to building systems and collaborations with philanthropic partners, embedding democracy in decision making, and developing equitable resourcing strategies that push back on exclusionary development practices. To move philanthropy to deploy its full charitable portfolios towards a platform where Black/Brown folks build power and economic might, rather than accepting old limitations of grant making models."