leo freeman

Board Member | he/him

Co-Creator, Capital J Collective

leo is a thinker and a tinkerer with a musician’s brain and an activist’s heart. for the past eight years, leo has worked inside of the financial services industrial complex as an advisor (learning the master’s tools), then as a social justice financial advisor with adasina social capital (wielding and re-molding the master’s tools in service of social justice movements), and most recently as the director of fund development with seed commons (building new tools to channel non-extractive capital to community). a passionate advocate for intersectional justice, leo brings a systems approach to his work with philanthropic orgs, institutional and individual investors and financial advisors. leo is not big on academia, but he does hold a few degrees from csu sacramento in jazz performance and pedagogy. he is an accredited investment fiduciary analyst and holds a series 65 license. leo lives in berkeley with their dog, friend. leo is an anticapitalist, abolitionist, vegan, feminist, activist, non-zionist, anarcho-utopianist who reads a ton of queer theory and liberation lit and is focused on building and deepening community relationships and dreaming the world to come.