I Believe in the Value of

Intergenerational Co-creation

Our work is not just by and for this generation; it’s guided by the experience, wisdom, and freedom dreams of all who have come before us — and it invites us to new ways of co-creation with and for all those who have yet to come.

Headshot of Vanessa Huang.

Vanessa Huang

VP of Partnerships | she/they

Vanessa leads Possibility Labs’ partnerships and field building with BIPOC innovators and donors co-designing and leveraging integrated capital infrastructure to co-create a just economy. Vanessa’s approach is informed by two decades as a strategist and operative partnering with visionary leaders across civic, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors to advance racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice. Previously, Vanessa was Chief Strategy and Partnerships Advisor for Movement Strategy Center, leading Advancement and philanthropic services; Development Director for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and One Fair Wage; and Policy and Communications Director leading California decarceration campaigns. Vanessa holds a B.A. from Brown University in Ethnic Studies and was a Women’s Policy Institute Fellow with the Women’s Foundation of California.

" Designing ways to support and learn from collaborations stewarding the creative flow of regenerative capital expands the possibilities for not only what our communities and movements can imagine, but what we can tangibly catalyze and co-create for generations to come. In this way, we contribute to the transitional infrastructure needed to partner across sectors and networks in moving from envisioning an economy that centers the margins as well as whole communities -- to empowering the full range of integrated capital necessary to build it, and learning -- and/or remembering -- how to govern it."