Introducing the Possibility Logs—our quarterly report that is inspired by the record-keeping logs used by lab scientists and sea captains alike to share with you the stories and syntheses of our observations and musings, expectations and outcomes, learnings and insights, and open-ended questions that keep our curiosity churning.

Greetings from our journey two years in...

Our first exploration was simple and straightforward—to discover the possibilities of this hypothesis:

If bold visionaries are supported by a new ecosystem of agile, creative, and accountable partners with the empathy and expertise to operationalize their vision and mission, then they can catalyze, grow, and sustain power and wealth for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and systematically oppressed communities.

Since our launch, we’ve been in discovery and experimentation mode, co-creating and learning with a diverse and expansive group of value-aligned trailblazers. These extraordinary leaders are bucking the status quo and piloting innovative ways to resource and grow community-led economic development models. From grassroot organizers, activists, and social entrepreneurs to philanthropic funders, impact investors, and individual donors, we’ve been entrusted to dive in deep alongside them to help operationalize their visions for a just economy.

Beyond the numbers, we also share what it’s like growing a new organization as an emerging intermediary in the field: from prioritizing team culture, co-designing product and infrastructure solutions, and scaling (and sometimes scrapping) processes, to nurturing and stewarding relationships, working cross- functionally as a remote team, and navigating big P and little p power dynamics.

We are grateful that we can pause and reflect on the past two years—and we thank you for believing in us.

This is The Possibility Logs, Volume 1: Our Journey Since Launch.

In Solidarity,

Keiko Murase and Lem White

CO-CEOs of Possibility Labs

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