I Believe in the Value of

Collaborative Storytelling

…to help people find meaningful narratives and forge emotional connections to those with different lived experiences. Humans are born storytellers, it’s how we make sense of the world. Some of the earliest examples of human stories date back to cave networks over 30,000 years old. I think storytelling has the power to help humans see our infinite connectedness.

Shel Senai

Public Relations Consultant | they/them

Shel Senai is the founder and principal of flypaper PR, a full-service public relations consultancy. Formed in 2014, flypaper PR offers strategic communications counsel and fresh, highly-creative PR guidance and campaign execution for clients that innovate against the status quo and aim to enact resonating change.

Shel brings more than 15 years of comms and PR experience to their work at PL. With an agency background that lends itself well to collaboration, Shel’s goal is to become an extension of the team in order to discover, develop, and deliver the most impactful stories from inside an organization. They hold a B.S. in communications with a minor in English from Boston University and an MFA in creative writing from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. Their award-winning fiction writing has received financial support from the St. Botolph Club Foundation and the Mass Cultural Council.

“Possibility Labs has a rich and vibrant network of community power-builders to draw connected narratives from—innovators who are working to return us to a tradition of collective care, a just society, a just economy, and a sense of connectedness to the natural world. It’s exciting to sit at the nexus of these groups and individuals and get to think strategically about how we will weave and layer their stories to help others envision a better world. And not to simply envision it theoretically, but see exactly how it is possible.”