I Believe in the Value of

listening to communities

At the grassroots level, and following the leadership and visions of BIPOC leaders, change-makers, and grassroots movements to bring us closer to the world we envision

Headshot of Morgan Prentice.

Morgan Prentice

Senior Manager, People Operations & Administration | she/her

Morgan supports Possibility Labs’ People Operations Team in building a people engagement strategy and organizational culture that is BIPOC-centered and values aligned. She brings experience in stakeholder relationship management, fostering cross-team relationships, and process management focused on creating thriving and productive environments. Previously, she worked at Movement Strategy Center as Investment Partnership Coordinator and at Restaurant Opportunities Centers United as Executive Assistant and Donor Organizer. She holds a B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies and a minor in Public Policy from the University of California Berkeley.

"By building infrastructure that centers on the stories and needs of BIPOC communities, we ensure that traditionally excluded voices and perspectives are at the forefront of our collective power-building work. These efforts will bring us closer to the equitable future we strive for."