I Believe in the Value of

collective good & progress

Health, safety, a clean environment, economic security, well-being and quality education for all communities must be valued and prioritized over excessive individual gain and accumulation of wealth.

Headshot of Masako Kalbach.

Masako Kalbach

People Operations Strategist | she/her

Masako leads Possibility Labs’ culture and people development strategies, including organization-wide values alignment and integration. Masako’s expertise comes from 18+ years in creating Human Resources, Finance, and Operations infrastructure, policies, and processes that center the needs of BIPOC and low-income communities. Most recently, she served as Senior Director of People Operations at Movement Strategy Center, with 150+ employees across 20 states and 26 fiscally sponsored projects, leading its People Operations Team. Previous to MSC, Masako was Finance & Operations Director and Interim Executive Director at the Museum of Children’s Art in California. Masako is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and holds a B.A. in International Relations and French Studies from Mills College and L’Université de Paris.

"I envision a world where every person’s life is valued regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, class, or immigration status and where we shift the current paradigm towards community wealth and regeneration. That each of us understands that we are part of a deeply connected ecosystem that provides and sustains our lives."