I Believe in the Value of

Community-controlled capital

That uplifts traditional knowledge, disrupts extractive practices, and creates a regenerative and just economy that meets the needs of communities and the planet.

Headshot of Kelley Buhles.

Kelley  Buhles

Donor Advised Funds Consultant | she/her

Kelley supports Possibility Labs as a Consultant for the DAF program design, focusing on creating a transparent, values-aligned program that offers integrated capital deployment. Kelley brings 15+ years of expertise working with integrated capital, DAFs, philanthropy, and participatory grantmaking. Previously, she worked for RSF, where she implemented trust-based practices and community-led decision making, ran the DAF program and supported organizational culture. She is a 2020-2021Fellow for the Just Economy Institute and a founding member of the Participatory Grantmaking Community. Kelley holds a B.A. in Anthropology from San Diego State University – California State University.

"I want every aspect of our infrastructure to be both simple and in alignment with the values of our clients, so that movement leaders and organizations have a smooth path towards building a new economy that is joyful, exciting, and hopeful."