I Believe in the Value of


“…having the Courage to take on tough challenges, Abundance as our mindset and practice in all things, Resilience to take the “lump”, learn the lesson and keep moving forward, and Education as our core and foundation for delivering deep, durable solutions to our clients.”

Janet Williams

Culture Consultant | she/her

Janet is the CEO and founder of Progressive Discoveries, a strategic consulting practice that takes a culturally intelligent approach to fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) at work and in an organization’s DNA.  She delivered her first diversity training session in 1998, which led her to start Progressive Discoveries shortly thereafter.  

The company provides Advisory & Coaching Services, A3 (Assessment, Audits & Analytics), Systemic Solutions and Education that encourages communication, learning and enhanced operational effectiveness for working with and providing services to people across nationalities, ethnicities, age groups, sexuality, gender expression, and ability status.  

Janet previously held long-term consulting contracts with well-known corporations and worked to improve financial and business acumen; facilitate workforce and work process development programs; develop operations improvement materials, create performance management, change management, diversity, inclusion and leadership curriculum; create strategic synergies between departments; and administer assessments.  

As a seasoned DEI-B, leadership and training professional, Janet is thrilled to serve as the Culture Consultant for Possibility Labs.

"My professional 'WHY' is to serve as a conduit for closing the space between the current state of an organization’s culture and its desired cultural state by helping them to operationalize their values."