In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing our inaugural Possibility Logs, an annual-report-style reflection on our first two years. Volume I: Our Journey Since Launch is a humble sharing of stories created, partnerships built, and lessons learned since we started this journey in September 2020.

Culture building is a co-creative muscle, not a set of outcomes.

Since April 2022, we have been deep in conversation peer to peer, between supervisors and direct reports, among managers and senior leadership, and as an organization as whole about how we aim to live into our values as an organization, but also as people.

Our Working Agreements is a cultural artifact that builds habits and muscles for team alignment—and is the foundation in how we engage with one another. Co-creating the agreements together lays the groundwork for accountability, allowing intentional spaces for vulnerable and honest conversations about power, safety, conflicts, equity, and inclusion to happen. It is a living and ever-evolving document to collaboratively refine and adjust as our team grows.

Possibility Labs Working Agreements: Our Living and Breathing Tools for Alignment

At Possibility Labs, we dare to navigate the pathways that advance social justice and build the power of self-determination for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and historically low-income communities. We champion the practitioners who deserve radical support. While these roads can be bumpy and overwhelming, we aim to guide with gentle resolve and care: clearly, explicitly, and passionately without overcomplicating, alienating, or ostracizing. Together, we can co-create a just world. Where we value accountability over perfection, abundance over scarcity, curiosity over complacency, regeneration over extraction, and collaboration over competition. May we be emboldened to unlock the power of our collective potential—and transform what was once possible into an emerging practice where all people and the planet can thrive.

We respect and honor our diverse personhood. We stand together in solidarity as passionate changemakers—with each other and with our partners—inspired and activated by the shared commitment to decenter whiteness and reclaim our once marginalized identities as people of the global majority. Our diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, talents, abilities, and intersectional identities are our greatest assets. We are proud to be in relation with one another and aim to engage with empathy and care. At Possibility Labs, we are committed to creating and maintaining an open, honest, and safe work environment that embraces and values each other with fairness, dignity, and respect.

Working Agreements are a tool for alignment that builds habits and muscles for a thriving culture.

  • They tell a story of who we are, what matters to us, and how we want to behave with each other and our partners.
  • They act as a compass to help us stay on course and hold ourselves accountable with specific practices we want to adhere to.
  • They are a living and ever-evolving document with the intent to collaboratively refine and adjust as our team grows

01 People First

We embrace our full lives within and beyond the bounds of work and honor each other’s individual identity and lived experiences.

02 For Social Justice

We center the advancement of racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice in our practices.

03 No Bullshit

We practice open communication with candor and curiosity with the intent for clarity and understanding.

04 Thought Partnership

We participate in generative conversations to foster diversified ways of thinking.

05 Culture of Trust

We cultivate and nurture a leader-full team with trust and shared accountability.

06 Intentional Connection

We create moments for fun, celebration, joy, rest, and vulnerability.

07 Emotional Agility

We infuse kindness, empathy, and consideration with each other, our partners, and fellow co-creators in our ecosystem.