I Believe in the Value of

Intergenerational & intersectional healing

Building wealth and community care is not just about leveling the proverbial playing field. This work is about healing generational trauma, building coalitions across multiple intersections, and uplifting all communities through radical, restorative, regenerative justice. As a group of people who have experienced first-hand the impacts of systemic oppression, PL’s team is co-creating a new economic reality with our communities. This isn’t about saving others. This is about healing ourselves and caring for one another. This work must be done in community and is just as much about us as it is about you.

Anjna Swaminathan

Marketing and Communications Manager | they/them

Anjna works closely with the VP of Marketing and Communications and cross-functionally to strengthen the brand, content, and external communications at Possibility Labs. After over 10 years as a freelance multi-disciplinary artist, activist and justice-oriented communications consultant, Anjna brings intuitiveness, intentionality, and innovation to the team. Their approach is highly empathetic and borrows from their years of experience as a queer, non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent changemaker of color. With an academic background in Critical Race, Gender and Queer Theory, Anjna is committed to making unrestricted restorative wealth and abundant community care accessible to all people, regardless of their circumstances. At Possibility Labs, they bring together their versatile skills in creative strategy, copywriting, storytelling, design, digital illustration, public speaking, and community-building. Anjna holds a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Maryland School of Theatre, Dance and Performance studies and spends most of their time using art to heal communities around the world.

"As a child of immigrants, I have always antagonized the concept of wealth-building. Money has held people back and created rifts in communities. I am learning from the likes of thought leaders like Edgar Villanueva (Decolonizing Wealth) that “Money is medicine.” Our work stems from that core principle that wealth has the capacity to heal multigenerational traumas and foster true abundance. I am healing alongside you and together, we will build a system that will heal us all."